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Extenze Drink

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Extenze Drink

In 1943, a psychologist by the name of Abraham Maslow proposed a theory on basic human requirements. Maslow`s hierarchy of needs is illustrated through a pyramid that consists of five levels: the bottom most is associated with physiological needs, followed by safety needs, social needs, self esteem and the top most is self-actualization. Breathing, food and sex are listed as the most fundamental requirements for a human being, of which failing to acquire it would prevent our body to function.

Fulfilling the lower hierarchy can prove to be challenging for patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). Male impotency is defined as the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis, causing difficulty for sexual intercourse. Causes of ED stem from physiological and psychological reasons, but it is generally associated to poor health, obesity and in specific cases, cardiovascular diseases. A survey conducted by the Sexual Dysfunction Association found that 1 in 10 men in the UK suffer from ED at some point of their life. Although the numbers indicate how common impotency occurs, discussions about it in the open remains scarce.

Treatments for ED vary widely depending on its cause. Exercise, especially aerobics is recommended to improve patients` overall health. This would stimulate hormonal balance and blood circulation. In other circumstances, penis pumps are used and in more radical approaches, patients undergo surgeries that involve prosthetic implants. More common solutions however, are through drugs taken orally, injected, or as penile suppositories.

Extenze drink, manufactured by Maximizer Health Products Incorporated, is an example of such drug that can be consumed orally. It contains a mixture of herbal supplement composed from purely natural ingredients among others. The Extenze drink provides an easier solution to patients without having to go under the needle.

A rightful mix of components in the Extenze drink promotes production of testosterone. The Extenze drink promotes male enhancement by increasing the rate of blood flow. In addition, the Extenze drink also enhances blood flow. This is important for the strengthening of arteries and veins in the penis area to allow erection.

An analysis participated by a small group of users was conducted to compare the Extenze drink with its cousin, the Extenze pill. Results show that a majority preferred the former due to easier mode of consumption. Moreover, the duration taken for the Extenze drink to take effect is acknowledged to be sooner than the pill. Absorption rate of the ingredients through the blood system is higher, and its performance is not compromised.

Both the Extenze products are available through internet purchase. For skeptics, it could be helpful for you to note Extenze offers a 60 day money-back guarantee, during which you can obtain a full refund should you deem your purchase unsatisfactory. For those who prefer to stockpile for a rainy day, Extenze even offers buying in bulk as an option to save while you enjoy a healthier sex life with your partner.

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