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Did Sinrex let you down? Get Extenze for Big Hard Results

Sinrex vs Extenze

If you are familiar with male enhancement products, you should know what Extenze and SinRex are. Here is my story after using both Extenze and Sinrex. Guys who are looking for some info about these two products will hopefully get some ideas before buying any male enhancement products.

I chose to experiment with SinRex first. I`d decided to try out Sinrex first, as it seemed to get better publicity. I bought a bottle of SinRex from Ebay, which lasted for approximately two months. The Sinrex capsules looked harmless enough, so I proceeded to take it following instructions. Little did I know that what lay ahead of me for the next few days were headaches, headaches, and more headaches! It was a beast just to go to work! I decided to measure my penis after the two weeks, and noted that while there was an improvement in my penis length, it was only about 1/10 inches larger than before. What`s more, Sinrex is much more expensive than Extenze.

After that, I begin to experiment with Extenze. I`ve used this product for three months starting from January 2009. Waiting for my penis to subside in size from taking Sinrex, I made it my goal to increase the girth and size of my penis even more. I took a tablet daily as suggested and measured my penis size every week for three weeks. Guess what happened? The product actually works. There is some improvement in my penis size, about 1/8 inches larger. Besides that, my libido seems to be improved, compared to before I took this product. My sex drive has become stronger. Whatever the cause, whether it was the ingredients in the pill, or just my mind playing tricks, I would definitely say that there is an improvement in my sex drive.

I`d be glad to give my personal review of both products, since I have had experience with both of them. To me, no doubt Extenze won the fight. It was cheaper, more effective, showed results faster, and didn`t present any side effect. Both products gave me a positive result, in term of penis growth. However, I`d personally prefer to use Extenze, because it is more affordable and actually works better than SinRex. It is true that SinRex is more popular compared to Extenze, but why would you throw your money away for an expensive product while you can spend less for a more affordable product with the same results?

Get Extenze for Bigger Harder Results than Sinrex